The Rhythm of Water


The Rhythm of Water creates a virtual digital water cycle system through a series of interactive video installations, developed into two other iterations, Into the Wave and H.2.O. The withering of plants visualizes the excessive plundering of nature's water resources by humankind to raise awareness of water resources. The growth of virtual plants imagines the possible outcome of the water cycle in the future.

Art and Design: Peiqi An, Yangqi Deng, Zhu Zhu
Technical Design: Yan Huang, Xuanhao Huang, Xiao Huang, Yibo Huang
Support: Lin Lin, Yingying She

H.2.O.: Hydrolysis. Habitat. Ours, Chinese European Art Center (CEAC), Xiamen, Fujian, 2022
Living Edge, Topred Center for Contemporary Art (TCCA), Xiamen, Fujian, 2022
Gone with the Time
, Gulangyu Msm of Foreign Collections, Xiamen, Fujian, 2021
Thinking and Being, San Dao Gallery, Xiamen, Fujian, 2020

First prize at the Milan Design Week China Design Exhibition, 2022
First prize
at the 9th National College Digital Art&Design Awards (NCDA), 2021