Merror is a game that traces light to compose images and triggers dialogues, linguistic or non-linguistic.


Two mirrors delivered on a rainy day, shattered.
Imagery like the material itself, damaged.
No longer function properly as they should.
I wondered if light could fix them. I tried.
They were still separate even though they stayed in a pack.
So I freed them into eight pieces.
Each piece is unique, shaped by unexpectedness, created by randomness, lit by participation.
Activating the system together through error.


Players choose the pieces, generate reflective patterns by holding them up and changing position against the light source.
The patterns appear as letters, assemble into words, then text meaningless messages.
The messages are composed of spatially dynamic information: light, angle, position, distance, the urge to bond or escape.
There is no final outcome.
This is the process to be experienced.