Cyan No-type


Mixed media installation


Cyan No-type is a research-based, collaborative art project. This work goes back and forth between antique and digital technologies, dimensions and materials through various experiments based on data extracted from nature.

The group collected all the raw materials in the field with various devices. Each data with configurations of memory was stored in different formats including photographs, videos, sounds, and 3D scan models.  The collections were dismantled and reconstructed according to individual feelings and memories at that moment as if peeling the textures apart piece by piece.

The group embodied the reconstructed pieces by projecting light to settle sensory images through chemistry on physical material, leaving the traces as evidence of memory between organic and inorganic matter, and then building the digital structures upon it.

New experiences traveled through here, as the space and time were folded, the dimension and format were transformed. The objects become photographs and photographs become objects. The byproducts derived from this process were installed and intersected with each other, becoming another type of landscape.

The Ink Group: Huanzhe Hu, Jiho Park, Yangqi Deng